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May 2023 Resource Update

Older Americans Month 2023

#OlderAmericansMonth Join your colleagues around the country this May by accessing materials to help you celebrate the 2023 Older Americans Month theme, Aging Unbound! Download materials:

Inclusive Language Guidelines

Definitions, terms to avoid, and suggested alternatives from the American Psychological Association:

Senior Housing Resources

Two Twin Cities organizations independently produce housing and service guides available in print and online. The guides are organized by type of housing and then by geographic quadrant of the Metro. If you are looking for senior independent living, assisted living, or long term care options in your area, check out:

Report potholes

Public Works is responsible for maintaining the 300 miles of Ramsey County roads, including pothole repair. If you see a pothole, please report it so the Ramsey County Public Works team can repair it quickly.

First half property taxes due May 15

Think your property tax assessment is too high? Here's what to do (Star Tribune)

Minnesota homeowners and renters may qualify for one or more state property tax refunds. Eligibility requirements change each year. You may qualify this year even if you haven’t qualified in the past.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue for refund information

FREE Spring Birds Discovery Walk

Saturdays, May 6, 13 and 20, and June 3, 8 am. Tamarack Nature Center.

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Energy Cents Coalition Programs

  1. Affordability Programs to help with paying utility bills:

  2. Help for those receiving grants from Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

  3. Help for those who have medical equipment that uses electricity (i.e. oxygen)

  4. Conservation Improvements Programs may be able to help with your household’s needs, such as:

  5. Replace the furnace/boiler

  6. Replace an old refrigerator or freezer with new energy-efficient model

  7. Insulate the house to keep cold drafts out and keep heat in

  8. Replace water heaters

  9. Replace an old window or wall air conditioner with a new energy-efficient model

  10. Install new LED bulbs in lighting fixtures

  11. Show you other ways to save on home energy costs

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